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Retirement Planning

Accumulation, Preservation, and Income
Regardless of the current stage in your life, retirement planning is essential in order to be prepared and comfortable in your golden years. While heading down your financial path, your goals and needs will change and so should your investment strategy. During your accumulation and growth phase of life, your financial plan should look drastically different than when you are in retirement years and are depending on your assets for income. Whether your concerns about your financial future are about growing or preserving your wealth, major factors should include managing your income flows and supporting the lifestyle you desire in retirement.

Generating Income on Your Assets
If you are approaching, or are currently in your retirement years and are dependent on your assets for income, then your financial plan should be simple, maximize your income potential and keep risks at a minimum. Manor Ridge Wealth can tailor an investment plan that focuses on your income needs, while also providing you with a growth and stability component to reduce outliving your assets. This strategy can differ from insurance and annuity products because you may not posses heavy upfront loads or fees and you will have access to your assets at any time without penalty fees.

Estate Planning & Trust Services
Retirement planning should only be a component of a complete financial plan. A comprehensive estate and wealth analysis should be done to discuss your overall financial needs and goals.

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