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Trust Services

​Your Legacy​

We advise in developing sophisticated wealth preservation and transfer strategies. Effective estate planning enables you to minimize the impact of taxes on your estate and can also help protect your assets from unexpected health, personal, and business risks.

This includes:

-Legacy Trusts (Generation Skipping Trusts)
-Charitable Remainder Trusts
-Irrevocable Trusts
-Revocable Living Trusts
-Bypass Trusts (Credit Shelter Trusts)

-Trusts designed for asset protection

Although most people may have both a trust and a will, trusts are not subject to probate and therefore allow you to keep your affairs private. Probating a will may involve attorney’s fees, executor’s commissions, administrative, and other court costs. Unlike wills, trusts are not subject to probate and therefore enable you to keep your affairs private and minimize settlement costs and estate taxes.

Manor Ridge Wealth Managed Trusts​

Manor Ridge Wealth investment managed trusts permit the separation of the investment management role and the trust administration duties.


Clients have access to vast investment management specialists across their entire portfolio, while incorporating trust assets into their overall financial plan. This can enable their portfolio to be managed more efficiently while taking advantage of tax efficiencies and diversification to best meet their risk and return objectives and goals.

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